Litter Transport

Photo credit: MD Dept of AgThe states of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia all offer cost-share programs to support and promote the relocation of litter from areas that are saturated with nutrients to alternative use facilities or areas where litter can be land applied to provide nutrients at agronomically correct rates to support crop production. A critical need that has been identified, and that DLLC advocates for, is to make cost-share and low interest loans available for service providers to purchase transport trucks and litter spreaders.

In 2019, DLLC identified the need for an online litter match program so that poultry growers and crop farmers could make connections. DLLC’s member, Delmarva Chicken Association, was funded by the Campbell Foundation for the Environment and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, to work with Chesapeake Commons to develop the littr. app, which connects poultry growers that have litter with those who need it.